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Solo Private Practice

I have worked in a small group practice and as a hospitalist before deciding to become a private practice physician, but was prevented from providing the advanced obstetrical care modern medicine makes possible. While it is more difficult to be a private practitioner, the benefits to my patient make it worthwhile.


Your information is kept confidential by being seen at one office and by one physician. Our Electronic Health Records, your records, are not on a network.


You are able to develop a relationship with the physician and staff that allows you to communicate more openly and feel more comfortable. You can relax and be pregnant. The physician also becomes more invested in your care because of the phenomena of ‘ownership’, meaning that with one physician providing care there is less risk of adverse outcomes from possibly assuming another physician will catch their mistakes or omissions.  


You have access to the office Monday through Saturday and the physician 24/7. You are allowed to call the physician directly without an answering service.  You are getting the benefits of a concierge practice without any additional cost.


Less people involved in your care increases the safety of your care as there is less chance of something important being missed. In addition, a Physician-Patient dyad forms that results in better communication and compliance. 


With one physician providing care, they assume full responsibility and are more motivated to provide the best care since they cannot hide behind a large corporation or place the onus on other providers.