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Obstetrical Services

We care for low-risk and high-risk obstetrical patients.  Women with hypertension, thyroid disease, previous adverse pregnancy outcomes, etc. are successfully managed by our office.  We have specific programs integrated into our obstetrical services to help you optimize your pregnancy.

Best Baby Program

Through a program derived from study, education, experience and aptitude we help you obtain the best baby possible for each pregnancy that you have with us.  Through individualized patient education you will be given the advice that is most pertinent for your pregnancy and we will always be available to answer your questions. You can also call the office or the physician for advice.

Fetal Bonding Program

For years we have used advance ultrasound to provide enhanced obstetrical care such as early dating, growth, position, and amniotic fluid index. This enhances the maternal-fetal bond (and the paternal-fetal bond) and provides a visual survey of fetal development for the mother- resulting in better compliance with prenatal care and recommendations. 

We also copy 2D/3D photos and video to their flash drives. With our new ultrasound machine we will continue to do this.

By seeing their baby each visit mothers bond with the baby, view their pregnancy in a more positive light, are more likely to be compliant with recommended prenatal care, and less likely to miss visits. The fathers, family, and friends also become more involved with the pregnancy and more supportive of the mother.

Enhanced Fetal Surviellance Program

We have the technology and should be using it. For well over a decade I have forsaken the archaic method of monitoring the baby with a hand-held Doppler and a measuring tape- with improved results. I perform an ultrasound of the fetus with each visit: establishing early dates (which are the most accurate), measuring amniotic fluid, and performing fetal growth measurements at 28, 35, and 38 weeks. I have picked up conditions that might have resulted in stillbirth if I had not performed my routine ultrasound surveillance of the fetus with each antepartum visit. Providing prenatal care like this takes extra time and effort but it is well worth it. I do not make any extra income doing this either. This is my dedication to my profession and my patients.

Transfer Patient Program

If for whatever reason you desire to change, or are considering changing, your obstetrician or hospital of deliver but cannot find someone to take you so far along in pregnancy- CALL OUR OFFICE.  We understand what you are going through and will provide you with information and non-directive advice so that you can make a well-thought out decision. This is your pregnancy and of course you want to have the best birth experience possible. Meet with us for a consultation and if you decide that you want to change, you will be welcome with us. Good medicine is not about competition but about choice. And we offer you that choice regardless of how far along you are in pregnancy. 

Curvaceous Pregnancy Program

We have over two decades of providing optimal pregnancy outcomes for women who carry extra weight and for the same amount of time have helped thousands of women lose weight through a medical weight-loss program. This allows us to offer a non-judgmental, friendly, fact-based obstetrical service that aims to mitigate (lessen) the risks from being overweight and pregnant. You remain a patient with us, not a burden. 

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