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Never Again Program

Unfortunately, for whatever reason(s), there are birth experiences that are so bad the traumatized woman suffers PTSD, vows to never become pregnancy again, and so on. If this is the situation, we ask the woman to self-identify as having had a ‘less than optimal’ pregnancy or birth experience, meet with us so that we can do a root cause analysis of what happened, then formulate a plan for the next pregnancy. You do not have to currently be pregnant to do this.

Preconception Counseling

The best pregnancy is a planned and optimized pregnancy. It takes more than a prenatal vitamin and a smile to provide your baby with its greatest potential at birth. We can discuss the psychology, nutrition, exercises, supplements, and prenatal care involved in doing just that. If you are taking a daily medication, we can also discuss the risk in pregnancy and possible alternatives.

Cesarean Center of Excellence

This is a little bit of 'Tongue-in-cheek' but still serious in nature.  Centers of Excellence are usually physical centers of self-anointed expertise. Even when certified by outside entities they do not always deliver the ‘excellence’ promised by the name..

I consider my practice to be a CCE for the following reasons:

  • Best scar possible: Before making the incision I use a surgical marker to ensure a cosmetic and anatomic incision. I close the subcutaneous tissue so there is no dimpling and use staples because they provide the best scar. Subcuticular suture and topical adhesive often leave ugly scars.
  • Surgical Technique: I open and close the abdomen layer by layer and do not rush the procedure. Excellent hemostasis is strived for. 
  • Low infection rate: Postoperative wound infection is rare in my patients
  • Surgeon: I perform the surgery. 

NOTE: There is a fallacy that ‘good’ obstetricians should always rush while performing a cesarean which accounts for a significant amount of complications. I had privileges at a hospital where the residency director instructed the OB/GYN residents to have races to see who could do the fastest cesarean delivery, resulting in severe complications. There is no medical reason to rush a cesarean delivery unless there is fetal distress- which is infrequent. On those rare occasions when an emergency cesarean delivery is indicated, I can and will get your baby delivered rapidly. 

Hospital of Delivery

As a solo private practitioner I am limited by economic, political, and logistical factors as to where I am allowed to deliver. The most important factor in having a baby is the delivering physician. In Maryland you should be able to have a safe delivery in any hospital. I like MedStar Harbor Hospital Center because of its commitment to patient safety. In 22 years of practice, it is the only hospital that requires and provides extensive training to new physicians. In addition, the nurses and Board Certified obstetrical hospitalists are also committed to your safety and providing you with the best birth experience possible.

Culture and LGBT

  • We will provide equivalent and competent women’s health care regardless of race, religion, or culture. Be aware that there are not female practitioners in this practice at the present.  Our policy has always been to have female chaperones present for all exams. You can also allow your spouse, significant other, relative, or friend to be present for all exams. 
  • There are no barriers to any LGBT getting healthcare with us as our patients will tell you. However, we do not provide transitioning care as that is better left to experienced, dedicated experts who focus solely on that field of medicine.

By the Way

You are our patient, not our client. As such we make ourselves available to you on an approachable level so that you feel at ease and trust us with your pregnancy. We will work with you to give you the best baby possible.

  • Fetal bonding- Observing your baby each visits and leaving with photos and videos documenting your baby’s growth and development allows you to develop that special bond that translates to a better outcome- psychologically and physically.
  • Enhanced nutrition- Realistic and appropriate advice on what foods, vitamins, and supplements are needed to help your baby optimize its in-utero potential
  • Fetal surveillance- establishment of early dating in office, direct sonographic determination of fetal growth at 28, 35, and 38 w. In office NST and AFI.
  • Psychoprophylaxis- easy access to care and advice relieves stress which translates to a more favorable epigenetic program. A friendly and supportive team provides you with the motivation to adhere to best prenatal care practices.